Partnerships: Field Notes

When you are a small museum with a very small gift shop – one case and one bookshelf to be precise – you have to pick what you carry carefully. Space is at a premium and we aren’t keen on having to dust stuff that won’t sell. As a result, a significant portion of our merchandise (“merch”) are items that we also own and enjoy.

Several months ago I learned about a company in Chicago, IL that makes memo books called “Field Notes.” With the motto: “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember it now,” I was intrigued. As someone who is constantly writing down ideas, dates, to do lists, etc., this was something I could relate to. In learning about the company, I found out that they partner with other small businesses to produce the paper that makes up the 3 ½” x 5½” pocket size Field Notes, here in the U.S.A. Just to make things even more fun, the Field Notes folks also produce a new design for their memo books four times a year.

As a fan of American-made, practical tools with a creative edge, I decided to give them a try (they come 3 to a pack), and BINGO! Just what I was looking for. Lightweight, easy to carry, and hassle free. No need to power up, or plug in, or tap. Just jot it down, or doodle, or sketch, and get on with your day.

So, yes – we now carry them! In fact, we are now their northernmost retailer (not hard to do when the Arctic Circle is a day trip from your community). As a special treat for our visitors, we ordered extras of the Alaska edition (ignore the part of the title that says “County Fair,” apparently no one told them we have boroughs – not counties – up here) that has some fun facts about Alaska on the back. Such as the official state sport is … you guessed it: Dog Mushing!

Good for gifts, better for yourself – pick up a pack or two when you are in the Co-Op Building on 2nd Ave! We also carry Field Notes brand Steno books, old school ball point pens, and pencils.

Field Notes Ambition Edition

Ledger, grid paper memo book, and calendar. Printed and embossed with metallic gold ink.

The Alaska Edition!

Grid paper notebooks in blue, yellow, and red. The back cover is full of fun facts about our Great State: state flower, state sport, state insect (nope, not the mosquito). Great gift for visitors or for yourself!


Full display. Includes American made pens and pencils. Plus the very handy, very classic Stenographer’s Pad.

Field Notes

“Antarctic Survey Orange” front cover and “Polar Night Black” back cover

Made with real Cherry Wood, you can even stain them!

Made with real Cherry Wood, you can even stain them!

Text and Photos: Diane “Bunny” Fleeks

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